Project: Callcenter Testing


Our client runs a callcenter, the software supporting it is old and the systems it runs on is older yet. Being the core of their business, investing in rebuilding their VOIP platform would have an astronomical cost. The client wants to be informed when incoming calls aren’t being routed and handled as desired.


Using Twilio’s API we created a platform to run automated test scenarios against the callcenter - going in to both automated systems and employees. If a scenario fails (unexpected response, no response from callcenter employee, etc.) an alert goes out. Alert severity escalates based on failures.

The platform interface allows the administrators to view all information such as testing logs, who was tested, when a test occurred, and whther it succeeded or failed.


With this solution in place, issues are identified within minutes. This allows system administrators more lead time on resolving issues, and reduces customer unhappiness. Previously, issues could go undetected for hours, and in some cases, days. With this testing in place, customer retention rose to previously unseen levels.